“the wedding cake” shows us how the global goals connect

Johan Rockström and Pavav Sukhdev, since 2016 have pushed for a new way of viewing the economic, social and ecological aspects of the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). The illustration is based on “the wedding cake”, which implies that economies and societies are seen as embedded parts of the biosphere. This might not be new, but still this perspective has often been missing when it comes to sustainable development issues.

This model changes our paradigm for development, moving away from sectorial approach where social, economic, and ecological development are seen as separate parts. We must transition toward a world logic where the economy serves society so that it evolves within the safe operating space of the planet.

What is your opinion? How should Högskolan i Borås move forward to integrate the social, economic and ecological development?

Birgitta Losman, Sustainability Strategist, Högskolan i Borås

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